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Welcome, Traveller.

You have arrived at the training ground of Vibrational Ontology, a modality for connecting the dots between truth and reality, experience and potential, bringing your Mind and vibration into a state of true Sovereignty of Being.

We take your ascension very, very seriously.
Join our elite students for an immersion in the Metaphysics and energetics of consciousness, taught by Elizabeth Wilson.

Your Existence is in the very best of hands.


You are here because you want to move forward. Cut the crap. See through the fog. Embody what your heart knows. You want to stop compartmentalizing your life and become fluid. Sovereign. Illuminated and at peace. You want to  practice your magic with no apologies.

And most of all, maintain that Sovereignty through the madness.

Join an intimate group of highly intelligent, spiritually mature students learning the simplest, most graceful Way of Enlightenment and one-of-a-kind life mastery methods for navigating life and business, leading others with more integrity and creating a better reality.

Oasis Membership Basic

  • LIVE weekly attunements & teaching with Elizabeth A Wilson

  • Weekly energy healing and prayer work

  • Group discussion and encouragement

  • Bonus opportunities for apprenticeship and practice

  • Access to the Library of past Oasis teachings as well as our past group journeys and workshops (worth $1100 each!)

$250 / month*

Oasis Diamond Upgrade

  • Everything from the Basic membership, plus:

  • Monthly spiritual direction and strategy session with Elizabeth.

  • Monthly vibrational attunement and creative direction with Sylvia.

$15000 / year

(For private programs, please contact us in the chat below.)


Being Peacock:
Some Metaphysical Mechanics of Splendor
A sneak peak from one of our recent classes.



We are Sovereign Masters. We are the creators of the spiritual-philosophical discipline Vibrational Ontology, and the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment.

Please check out our Facebook Group for live mini trainings and contemplations on Enlightenment to learn how you can embody the Enlightened lifestyle your way.