Vibrational Ontology: Like a Game of Reality

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

by Elizabeth A Wilson

The life modality Vibrational Ontology is the application of a process of states of mind via philosophical lines of thought while holding a corresponding vibration. The practitioner systematically holds sequential frameworks of thought and frequency for an overall change in the client’s state of being that happens fast and has long-lasting effects. The process-nature of the modality aligns with the flow of creative energy, allowing the path of least resistance for the recalibration.

If mind presides over energy, and energy presides over matter, then by changing one’s mind the visceral experience of Life changes too. For practitioners, the art is in arranging the frameworks of thought so that the Life experience alters in a certain way.

If you hold your focus on certain areas of Life, and transform your observation of them in certain ways, then the flow of creativity shifts, and Life rearranges on the quantum level. A Vibrational Ontologist is a Game Master who has an excellent understanding of metaphysical process-thought and energetics, and can guide the awareness through protocols that cause the player’s Life to shift like an evolving love story.

  • What was a dead rat in a gutter becomes evidence of Mother Nature’s exquisite harmony.

  • What was a terrifying beast becomes a sister with a lonely heart who may be healed by your very presence.

  • What was a chronic pain becomes the opportunity that launches your vision and brings your next level of devotion to the world.

Different missions fields of consciousness have different rules because new frequencies are available that bring different opportunities and restrictions into play. The Map of Consciousness formulated by Sir David Hawkins [1] and presented in his work Power v Force [2] is like an inventory of game boards. A process-thinker with exceptional vibrational mastery can choose which field to play in by the twiddle of an inner knob, and can choose to illuminate obstacles and limitations (slaying the beasts on the way) and also illuminate masteries and opportunities (collecting treasures) on the way to the destination: the player’s chosen outcome.

Because of the nature of the human mind and the laws of manifestation, the player’s Life immediately responds with each vibrational reality shift that the player chooses. Attention is drawn in specific directions and different choices are made from more illumined vantage points. The flow of Life responds to the focus that the practitioner holds, and a Living Game begins.

An expert practitioner knows how much focus to safely hold in any one direction and how to safely alter the frequency of the situation so the material manifestation changes too. An expert practitioner also knows how to recalibrate to Grace at any point in the Game. Most importantly, an expert practitioner honors the Rules of Play.

Sovereign: A Way of Enlightenment, is a curriculum of the Eight Masteries in Vibrational Ontology that are required for the most graceful and enlightened experience of the game of Life.

Try a free Game, a spiritual metamorphosis for a player undergoing a life change.


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