Using Vibrational Ontology for Transcendence of Consciousness

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Elizabeth A Wilson, author, ontologist.


We are each on a journey deeper and deeper into the remembered embodiment of our divine nature. The Game is Enlightenment, or self-realization - the knowing of who we are. Ontology is the branch of philosophy that deals with that process of becoming. It is the world of thought that formulates the wisdom teachings that guide us deeper into Truth.

Vibrational Ontology is the practical application of philosophical principles of human becoming, applied as systematically chosen thought, feeling and movement for the purpose of consciously enhancing and accelerating the process of spiritual illumination. It is a modality for using awareness to influence the psycho-pneuma-somatic vibrational coordinates of a human’s state of being, thus expanding the container of consciousness, forming space for spiritual growth, purifying the energetic womb of manifestation and altering the experienced reality. Practitioners are philosophers that are also trained energy workers. Our work is to teach wisdom in a way that provides the client with the coordinates of being to maintain a particular vibrational state for long enough that it becomes embodied.

It works if you believe these three assumptions:

  1. The entire field of creation is formed of a fabric of unified energy, essence and consciousness. Paoulo Coelho uses the lovely term, “The Soul of the World,” or we can think of it as the Body of Christ, or the unified field.

  2. There is one Source of this fabric, so all actualized entities and happenings formed in this fabric are also of the same source and substance. We could say “I and my Father are One”, or we can imagine that the whole cosmos erupted from the same pinprick singularity. One Mind.

  3. The fabric is impressed by consciousness. It changes when it is observed. This means any actualized happening is entirely influenced by interconnected ripples of perception.

The personal implication of these three assumptions is that if we can change the way we know something, then we can affect anything. If we know ourselves as Truth, then Truth is what will be actualized. It also means that “I” can align “my” awareness with the providential flow of creativity, and be the expression of God.

Vibrational Ontology is a non-religious modality that allows us to change reality by knowing it differently, and its ultimate goal is to know only the Love of God. It is done systematically because perception is a complicated quality that transcends sensory, intellectual, subconscious and intuitive ways of knowing something. Process allows the path of least resistance to be taken in the journey of changing one’s Mind: from DNA coding to emotional response to environmental stimuli, to triggered mental processes and thought systems, to belief-based feeling and the subsequent decision-making that governs our movements in the world. Not to mention the biochemical environment between all those coordinates that makes up the vibrational radiation of a person - their projection or aura - and of course therefore their energetic point of attraction.

When masterfully applied, vibrational ontology liberates the client’s awareness of themselves from all that involuntary, linear decision-making within triggered karmic life cycles. It lifts the lid off, and allows a sovereign knowing of Truth. On the most intimate level, vibrational ontology reveals a personal experience of God.

The use of ontology as a practical discipline for healing and mastery is fairly new, but its place in the world’s history of healing is mature. Its big brother is commonly known as ‘Process Thought’ or “Process Philosophy” referring to the speculative metaphysics developed by the British mathematician and philosopher, Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947), and the American philosopher, Charles Hartshorne (1897-2000).

Of course, the “Who Am I and Why Am I Here” line of inquisition is as old as time, and Whitehead points to his influencers as Heraclitus, Plato, Leibniz, Charles Peirce, William James and Henri Bergson. Process philosophy sees the world primarily in terms of dynamic and interrelated events and processes (“everything is energy”), and only secondarily in terms of independent substances and structures (so mind is always over matter). It therefore stresses an organic model or metaphor for understanding of the world, rather than a traditional mechanistic one. (1) This opens up the possibility for natural realignment of all the world’s shit, and you’ll often find process thinkers pondering altruistic ideals for ecological and social harmony.

In this system of thought, a creative universe of unified fabric is a mark of the universal presence of God. Instead of “creation” we then have “creativity” - an essence not a thing, and God becomes the breath of unending adventure and constant becoming.

Whitehead’s philosophy was the reignition of spiritual power into a scientific mind that was becoming too crystallized in empirical fact to continue to flourish. It allowed the marriage of the subtle feminine mystery with the masculine processes and structure, creatively empowering any object of consciousness:

Whitehead revolted against the bifurcation of the world into the objective world of facts (as studied by science, even a completed science, and one not limited to physics, but stretching from physics to biology to psychology) and the subjective world of values (aesthetic, ethic, and religious), and he promoted the harmonization of the abstractions of science with those of art, morals, and religion, as well as the inclusion of more concrete intuitions offered by our experience—stretching from our mathematical and physical intuitions to our poetic and mystic intuitions. (2)

Combine this line of thought with a practice of energy work, and the outcomes are thrilling. Philosophy is no longer restricted to the brilliant intellect and reason, but becomes an embodied experience of mystical Knowing, and with vibrational mastery reality can be shifted with immediate effect. Although energy work is often thought of as a medicine, or a specific practice for healing, it is just as effective as a means to facilitate the process of enlightened becoming (especially when the client holds right thought about the structures and systems they have identified with that stand in the way of becoming). If the whole world is a fusion of structure and essence, then “I” have a much more immediate, intimate and visceral ability to impact it by my choice in how to observe.

God is made of Love.

Imagine if every human child was taught how to use their Genius and their Heart at the same time.

They would know how to Know Love.

It is important to acknowledge why we are collectively feeling this urge to heal and live a fully awakened life. This urge is the energetic environment in which all new disciplines of thought and energy work are being developed. For all our uniqueness and as intimate as we get with ourselves in our shadow work and self-development - we are in this together. We are becoming together in a network of energy and purpose, on the stage of Life.

Where we used to predominantly be an animalistic, survival-driven and fear-based consciousness, we have become one of much more understanding, compassion, benevolence and love. And as our consciousness evolves and we awaken, actively seeking out and steering toward a new way of being, we reveal what we don’t want, the darkness that was always there. In the process of revelation we expose horrors and inappropriate ways of being which we see in our minds, in our energy fields, our bodies, relationships, politics, celebrities and media, in our environment. And it’s ugly.

That’s how a detox works, and the prophesied apocalypse is one giant, ugly detox.

On the whole it’s safe because awareness has a neutralizing effect on harm, but the danger comes when we reveal what was concealed, look at it from unawareness, and then know it into a crystallized Truth about ourselves. When we feel the itch of something toxic, we want it gone and sometimes our attention gets so focused on the very structure we want to remove that we end up cementing it into our experience. There are those who will fight to death to keep the old ways, and there are those who will embrace the calling up and out. And there are those who so dearly want to become who they really are, but get stuck.

A few years ago we had a jar of caterpillars. And we gave them leaves and watched them munch, and one day most of them had wrapped themselves up into chrysalis state. So we waited while the transformation happened on the inside. One by one the chrysalises opened up, and the butterflies came out. Except one. It opened, and a little wing stretched out. But the butterfly never emerged. It had sort of fused with the chrysalis.

Everyone has felt like that. So close to becoming, we can even stretch our wings into the new dimension, and yet, we cannot let go of the cocoon we’ve made for ourselves. We become so fused with it, that the process of becoming is suffocated. The inner providential agency will not unfold us forward. We cannot expand our container to hold more of the growing cosmic goodness, and we cannot ascend in our Mind to the higher realms of consciousness where we can serve our greater good. When it is true for the little bee, it is true for the whole beehive.

That’s when we need Vibrational Ontology, so we can use our thinking and feeling processors to systematically liberate our sense of selves from the hive mind and return to our remembrance of Truth.

The following applications of vibrational ontology constitute the eight masteries of the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment, and form a systemized approach to ascending consciousness and increasing life mastery:


Sovereign: A Way of Enlightenment is a body of vibrational ontology arranged in a system of thought that facilitates enlightened realization. It is a non-religious theology formulated to provide the wisdom and framework necessary for safely walking a path of ascending consciousness. The core outcome is the ability to maintain graceful awareness and excellent vibrational poise in all circumstances. The visceral experience of magic and miracle that follows as a result, is ineffable.

Sovereign consists of eight core masteries, and each is a sequential stage in the human self-actualization journey, embodied through vibrational ontology in a Game of Enlightenment:


The launch of every human’s awakening is the stirring of remembrance that a bigger Truth is waiting on the other side of the veil. We begin the quest to truly know who we are, to embody the delicious mystery and magic of KNOWING. Vibrational Ontology is used to direct the awareness away from the illusory perceptions reflected by an actualized fabric and instead towards the innate, essential Truth. Vibrational Ontology also allows the client to hold that awareness for long enough that the remembering becomes embodied. This is “Awakening”. The mastery is applied continually from that point on, as the human mind oscillates from Knowing to Illusion and back again in a more graceful and Sovereign way.


One of the side effects of knowing Truth is that we begin to expose what’s not. Vibrational Ontology is used to discern Truth from Falsehood, structure from essence, identity from Self, Truth from Falsehood. It sifts and sorts through the stories and narratives that hold certain vibrational realities stitched to our experience like an old rag wafting in the winds of turbulence and keeping our attention off Truth. This brings recognition of personality type, trauma stories, false identities and involuntary behavioural patterns, emotional triggers and mental programming. Some of the structures are easily identifiable stories like “I Am Unworthy” or “I Am Unlovable”. We are awakened enough to know those are lies and they don’t help, even though we may still entertain them at times. What’s much harder to spot are the stories that pose as noble or holy, like “True understanding is gained through struggle.” Using vibrational ontology to master recognition provides the knowing of which part of the actualization is the chrysalis that will eventually be shed. This mastery is applied through Life as the human mind evolves through identities and roles which more Knowing.


Someone who has mastered the art of recognizing story, trauma, error and falsehood, needs to be able to choose whether to hold on or release. Now, although forgiveness can be tremendously painful and difficult, it is easy peasy if you know how to use a particular frequency of energy often known as Mercy. Vibrational Ontology, when used to support the mechanics of forgiveness and the relationship between the mystical aspect of release and the biological/functional process of reprogramming, becomes a form of energy alchemy to alter the vibrational qualities of the aforementioned Falsehoods and allowing a complete forgiveness and release of these - dissolving the chrysalis. The mastery continues through Life as the human mind expands and contracts, and complete forgiveness is constantly at hand.


Once the personal healing is realized and the raw wounds of old are scarred over and worn with humble pride, the human traveller of Life can begin to expand. It is necessary to learn a new way to relate to challenge from a place of poised creativity rather than animal reaction. Vibrational Ontology is used as a psycho-pneuma-somatic rearrangement of the contours of your being and with it the coordinates of your energetic capacity. You expand the ability to hold the divine flow of creativity. This dissolves overwhelm and allows graceful and rapid spiritual upgrades and self-evolution.


When a human on a quest into themselves becomes accustomed to rapid expansion and quantum leaps, energy is liberated from constant attention on repairing what’s broken and is instead directed into sharpening the faculties of being. The mind is sharper, the energy field purer and more responsive to intention, the body aligns and strengthens, and the relationships harmonize. Vibrational Ontology is used to form mental frameworks for creative and benevolent thought, allowing the user to access a genius zone and maintain mental mastery that liberates one from the enslavement to rumination. Creative flow is liberated through the mental realm and pours through the energy field and actualized body, into Life. This mastery is continued through Life as the human mind interacts with the linear brain, and thoughts continue to become things.


A human traveller delights in the discovery of alchemy and One’s ability to energetically manipulate vibration and form. Vibrational Ontology is an incredibly effective modality for energy work to heal what’s broken, replace what’s stolen, transform anger into peace and chaos into order. The combination of intention and Love allows rapid quantum creativity, which is stream-lined with process. This is a significant benefit to therapists, conscious manifestors, lightworkers and activists who can use the modality to enhance results for the greater good. The mastery is a life-long tool for navigating a collective energy field that is impressed by all kinds of people’s shit.


Once the sojourner has mastered the optimal use of their avatar, they must liberate themselves from all worldly systems and learn the way of Grace. This is an advanced mastery of discernment and outrageous faith that leads beyond the third dimensional veil and into an actualized experience of poised super-conscious. The process is terrifying, because we just spent our entire lives learning how to relate to natural and cultural systems, and being without them requires an unshakable knowing of one’s abundant provision. Vibrational Ontology is used to maintain a metaphysical state of surrender to the creativity of universal motion, commonly known as flowstate. This is freedom at the deepest level, a radical statement of trust in God and the allowing of miracle-mindedness.


Why? Why do we dedicate our lives to the quest for Truth and the embodiment of Love? What happens next? What does Life look like when it flows freely through a human being, with no obstruction or resistance. It becomes devotion. An out-pouring of Love with a profound healing effect on the collective energy field and an immeasurable experience of Joy as a result. Vibrational Ontology is used to formulate and practice the devotional expression of service and discipleship, the delight of true altruism and the fulfillment of extending one’s real magic to the world. It lives close to the First Mastery - Remembering, and is required often.

The rational mind can see how this sequence of states of mind will alter the expression of creative energy through the human consciousness. A practitioner of Vibrational Ontology can frame these stat

es of mind for a client and hold a frequency of energy that corresponds to the desired outcome. The result is an intellectual, energetic and mystical transmission of the teaching, and the client experiences faster results compared to traditional psychology, philosophy or energy work.

This practical application of philosophical principles of human becoming, applied as systematically chosen thought, feeling and movement - for the purpose of consciously enhancing and accelerating the process into enlightenment, is the way of thinking for the new world. This is the spiritual framework for Homo Noeticus. It is a modality for using awareness to influence the psycho-pneuma-somatic vibrational coordinates of a human’s state of being, thus expanding the container of consciousness, forming space for spiritual growth, purifying the energetic womb of manifestation and altering the experienced reality, so that God becomes Known.

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