Spiritual Upgrades Don’t Make Life Easier.

Phew! You made it through that last upgrade with flying colors!

Another level up in the Kingdom of Heaven means you are truer, purer, playing the game with more finesse and slaying the beasts with smoother grace. Knowing deeper meaning and acting with more power.

Does that make life easier? Nope. Watch the 10 minute video below to find out why and what to do about it.

And here's the best news...

We specialize in training experienced Truth-Seekers in the mental and vibrational mastery of ascending consciousness, so you have the embodied ability to gracefully transcend the veil every time you face a spiritual upgrade.

Our coaching program is a stunningly beautiful experience of spiritual transmission, vibrational uplift, weekly high-level spiritual teachings, daily group calls and constant energy healing. Your time with us will land in your heart and stay there forever as the buoyancy device that keeps you surfing on Grace no matter how strong the counter-force may seem.

Reach out in the chat box below and we’ll talk about the details.

Elizabeth & Sylvia

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