IT’S STILL THERE: Why Alchemy is the determining factor of the success of Mindset.

Let’s assume that All the World´s a Stage. You arrive here in Life and promptly do everything you can to mimic, copy, map out and learn the rules of the game, so that you can play your part in a way that you are accepted into the safety of family and community, get access to resources that will ensure your survival and comfort, secure a spouse that’s going to be good to you and for you, chose the right occupation for all the right reasons, and so that you may actualize your dreams and ambitions.

This takes an incredible amount of energy if you are, as they say, out of alignment, and many keep finding that they are unable to manifest their dreams and desirable states of Being. What we see all the time at Sovereign Masters and have lived through ourselves is that with a bit of investigation what we thought we wanted wasn’t really our dream after all.

The solution is to go within and do a recalibration. This enables One to get huge results within a short amount of time, because all that was in the way was never in Time to begin with.

Wishing vs. Moving

Time is a quality of a dimension that is in play here on the human plane and which we often glue to events, observations and experiences in our lives. From these we create timelines in our heads that form stories about who we are and how the world works.From these we create timelines in our heads that form stories abut who we are and how the world works.

Now as you are trying to get oriented about the circumstances, the structure and paradigms of the Play, your are simply leaning into the Where You Are on this compounded map. As you are trying to learn about that Place and its rules, to glean the secret to making it to another Place in the preferably near future, instead of leaning into creating something that stands apart from it, the circumstances you understand by these coordinates are being affirmed by your addressing them.

In addition, when you are in a situation as you are present here and you say ‘I am…insert quality here’ or ‘I am not….’ Or ‘I have, I haven’t got’, you are locking your vibration of thought to a set of circumstances that will be reflected back to you. Because that is stating vibrational desire.

This also goes for any subconscious program you are emitting. It´s kind of like Google’s AdSense system, that collects data from your behavior and interests, and then reflects more of the same back to you as you are surfing online, to affirm your understanding of that reality.

How do we solve this?

It all comes down to a few factors that we discuss in depth in our courses and which you will learn to implement and embody through our demonstration, one of them being Moving towards your goal, your desired experience of reality, with all of your Being. So when I say Moving I mean the alchemy of becoming that is born from the coupling of intent with a metacognitive and vibrational shifting from one coordinate to another.

In other words, instead of going with constantly recreating the circumstances you don´t want by trying to examine them all the time for the purpose of “learning the game”, or worse, trying to run from your problems, you lean into a specific movement of consciousness at the right time. As we expand from an undesired situation, those coordinates will, by law, disperse. Because there will not be consciousness to hold them there.

While mindset is an important part of shifting into new realms of Being, the alchemy of process and awareness ensures that you leave nothing behind because there is no behind. Otherwise the mind is SET. And no positive mindset is useful if it's set.

A Hero is one who no longer wants to be prisoner of circumstance and ventures out into the unknown. Now how do you do that in a way that isn’t plain stupid and dangerous? How do you break through the bars in vibration, and not just in a daydream? This is our specialty. We use a specific set of intentional strategic steps, coupled with vibrational transmission and intent, to lead you into and facilitate the alchemy of Expansion. And it’s incredibly effective.

Are you ready to soar?

The HERO group journey begins today, 1 PM EST.

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