Who Are The Indigo Children and What Are We Here To Do?

Updated: Apr 11

By Elizabeth A Wilson


You are a part of a generation of spiritual savants known as Indigo Children. Understanding this will help you integrate the meaning of why you are the way you are.

We were born to accelerate the collective consciousness shift known historically as the apocalypse. There are millions and millions of us, so you are not nearly as alone as you feel sometimes.

They began calling us Indigo Children back in the 1970’s. It's a concept coined by the internationally known synesthete Nancy Ann Tappe [1] as the description of an idea amongst spiritual thought leaders and mystics that a vibrational shift in the world's energy grid would mean incarnations would be actualized through a certain frequency, and a more enlightened consciousness would be possible. Imagine an embryo being incubated in the womb of a violent addict and then birthed in a cold hospital room, and compare the theoretic effect on the baby with being nurtured in the womb of a clean and happy woman and then birthed in a warm pool at home. The energetic womb is purifying and the human consciousness is changing as a result. “Indigo” simply refers to the spectrum of Light through which these incarnations occur, and is causal of our Sun’s astrological position as we enter the Age of Aquarius. [2]

The “Indigo Child” concept was quickly rubber-stamped as pseudoscience, and the term Indigo Children was picked up and used in mainstream psychology to describe children with unusual abilities and characteristics, on one spectrum or another. Most of us, diagnosed with being unusual or not, ended up rebelling.

Call us what you will, we are a generation of spiritually genius souls born to bring a weight of awareness, transmuting what has been dense into something light. We are now at the verge of inheriting the leadership of humanity as the old ways fall and return to Loving Source. We are the great remembering, we are savants of the soul. Our mission, which beats a steady battle-march in the pulse of our knowing, is to help people remember Love. We're feeling the urgency, a tremendous impetus to speak and act now for the sake of the world. We are changing our minds, our habits, our behaviors and our vision - and I assure you it is working. You're a big part of it.

Do you want to know WHY we’re made this way? It’s not a fluke, it’s a part of the grand design.

We “Indigo Children” came for the Apocalypse. Apocalypse means Revelation, but we prefer to call it Truth Expansion. This is an energetic shift in the fabric of human consciousness which has the effect of an intensified experience of what is known by any individual at any given time. If you know chaos, emptiness and disconnect - this will intensify. If you know harmony, fulfillment and connection - this will intensify. In cartoon terms this looks like a divergence, a rupture between good and evil and the separation of the human experience into Heaven and Hell. A rapture, perhaps.

But in energetic terms, there is no separation to speak of at all, and although everyone will experience the intensifying of “what they know”, everyone also has the opportunity to choose the window of consciousness through which they know the world - that is universal salvation.

It is our state of being that determines what is known by the individual, and is itself determined by the interaction of the individual’s sets of coordinates of paradigm, thought, feeling, emotion and circumstance. By altering those coordinates, the state of being alters, the same way that changing the shape of a solid structure cup will affect the state of the malleable, liquid content.

This is the work we Indigo Children were designed for. We are raw, sinful, vulnerable, full of power and grace, and immersed in the opportunity for salvation - and we have many different words for that. We can no longer be labelled by well-meaning social commentary, because we're all grown up now and you’ll recognize us by our brazen Love. We are here to tear down the shit that’s broken, fertilize the soil and nurture the tender seedlings of loving hope. That’s new world stuff.

Don’t worry about the Apocalypse, though. We’ve got this. Grace is real and we are Sovereign. Grace is a magical frequency of energy that permeates the fabric of creation, and Sovereignty is our ability to choose that Grace at any given time. That’s all anyone needs to know to win the Apocalypse, and everyone was born with that knowing. Indigo Children are often a lot better at remembering.

We are here on purpose, after all. We’ve journeyed as children of the Universe across many terrains, and watched as we’ve all grown from an animalistic, survival-driven and fear-based consciousness to one of much more understanding, compassion, benevolence and love. Our existence is shifting, and that’s not an accident. The shudder goes through us like a wave of mist and fog as we shift in our entire way of being, from cellular vibration to entire macro-communities and global paradigm. It is different than it was because we know more, and for the first time we know unequivocally that we want to know what is good and what is true. We have chosen love.

It was the knowing that caused the shift back in the 1980’s. Enough Indigo Children were born knowing we are the sons and daughters of God (modern language leans more to sparkly words like infinite beings of light, or stardust, goddesses or individualized expression of the universe or whatever), it tipped the scales. It was like a weight of awareness was dropped into the collective human field of “who we think we are”. Boom. Apocalypse won. As long as we keep knowing.

Unfortunately, knowing is both our superpower and our Achilles heel. Since we are such clever, clever animals we get very good at knowing, but we are easily seduced into knowing the wrong thing. This knuckle-biting plot twist is tightened by one of the natural consequences of deciding we’re good people and we want a good world: we suddenly see what we don’t want. We begin to see the darkness that was always there, we expose horrors and inappropriate ways of being. It terrifies us. We see it in our minds, we see it in our energy fields, we see it in our bodies, we see it in our relationships, in our politics, in our celebrities and media, in our environment. And it’s ugly. That’s how a detox works. But then we spot all that shit and know it to be so, which triggers our righteous wrath and we think it’s doomsday.

It is safe though, at least overall. Humanity will move on largely thanks to your personal contribution, Mother Nature will restore balance, and collectively our consciousness will deepen and enrich the story of Man as we learn to be divine stewards of Life in the Cosmos. That's the grand plan, well under way. Day-to-day, though, it’s going to be pretty hairy for a lot of people for a while, unless they can remember to know Love even when they’re looking at it’s ugly evil twin.

That sovereignty to choose love in every thought and feeling, to align in love with the highest and best good for all, is the way of knowing. There are many ways up the mountain, and this is the way of being that excludes the need to inflict suffering on oneself or another. It’s easier than we think, especially if you know Magic, and most Indigo Children do - in their own personal way.

You need Magic in Purgatory, this strange world that we Indigo Children occupy. We’re straddling. One foot in a world freshly dead from suffocation by the institutions of past identities, and the other in the promise of a new world, the sing song belief that it turns out alright in the end. We keep innovating! We keep making art! We keep figuring things out! We keep getting better! And we’re neck deep in the agony of the human condition as well.

Straddling these two worlds is getting trickier. They’re drifting further apart. Our balance is harder to keep. Purgatory is in a delicate time. We are in peril of enslavement to the rulers of our minds, and yet never more than a breath away from the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s true for our great big beehive, and it’s true for our teeny little bee selves making split-second choices, so our next move as Indigo Children is to hold on to that knowing of honey while the walls of the hive come crashing down.

The secret joke inside this quantum game is that only Love can win. Eons and galaxies of sin can be washed away with one breath. As if it had never happened. That’s Grace. Like true love’s kiss, a modest gesture is enough to awaken the hearts of those who have been sleeping for lifetimes. I dispense true love’s kiss thousands of times a day, and I awaken worlds, or so I enjoy imagining.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s tricky to bring the good news of Love into an apocalyptic world writhing in self-loathing and guilt under the undeniable recognition of how terribly wrong it all went (or so it thinks). It’s like offering a pretty flower to a child locked in a tantrum. It’s a bit vain, but it might work.

Well, only if the knowing of the flower is embodied in you before you offer it. Otherwise you are simply holding out a collection of molecules. The miraculous neutralizing beauty of it is best transmitted in the space between your knowing and the furious beast. And that takes practice. You have to infuse Love into the shit.

A couple of years ago, when my husband and I were homeless and living with our two young daughters in a canvas tent in the mountains of Colorado, I woke up one night in excruciating pain. I realized that the ground underneath the tent was uneven, and it was uncomfortable to sleep because my head was pointing downwards and gravity was pooling the blood around the many open sores around my eyes from blisters that had formed from bug bites. I took all our belongings out of the tent, disassembled it and moved it, and then levelled the ground with a pick axe until my hands bled. When the hard, rocky mountain side had a perfectly level platform for us to sleep on, I resurrected the tent and dragged everything back in - even the $7000 Louis Vuitton coach we never thought to sell. As I hacked myself a path on rock bottom, I wore my silky dress with the fuschia flower pattern, and my pink straw hat with the opulent orange flower, because it was easier to choose Love than to buckle under the horror of the circumstance.

Can you let a pink hat be the true love’s kiss that awakens the Kingdom of Heaven in the same fabric that’s the tapestry of Hell? It’s quite a craft.

And let me tell you the Truth, not many will say it: There are forces in the environment and in our genetics that interfere with the harmony of our soul song. There is an idea in the mind of God, that keeps our attention on illusion - that’s part of the game. You can recognize these forces as the false notes that happen when you know what you really want, and what you really believe, but you choose differently because of some fear of some thing. Suddenly life feels deep, and big, and insurmountable. Suddenly we’re transported into a world of chaos and manipulation, where we have to figure out how to arrange things so we can make it through until the end. We forget that on the other side of the terror is the choice to wear a pink hat and whistle while you play with the sensualities of a bizarre and mysterious lover.

That forgetting is a perfectly safe and normal part of being here. When you walk in the rain, you’ll get wet – and when you live in a turbulent world full of the detoxing of ancient darkness, you’re going to feel that too.

Your mastery is knowing that it’s safe. Your mastery is in profound accountability for the living of your life, including the immediate forgiveness of every false step you take. Your mastery is outrageous compassion for yourself and even for the enemy, whatever that is to you. And when a master faces a difficulty, he and she reaches for the toolbox and applies what is needed to maintain that knowing throughout the times of trouble. Keep knowing Grace. You will find yourself radiating a goodness that sweetens the harsh thickets in life, and softens that which has hardened around the heart of man. Even as you bulldoze the rotting structures of control, you’ll be laying cherry blossoms on the pathways to brighten the journey of others. Even as you charge into battle with the abominations done to Mother Earth, your prayers will be gentle tuning forks recalibrating the false notes of a frightened world. Even as you rage, you will be singing a brighter song that renews itself from age to age.

This is how we contribute to the evolution of humanity, liberating others to direct their creative energy into yet unknown frontiers of human potential. This mastery is the purpose of the Indigo Child, and we all do it differently.

Different missions fields of consciousness have different rules of play, different opportunities and restrictions. The scale of consciousness formulated by Sir David Hawkins and presented in his work Power v Force is like an inventory of game boards - and an Indigo Child with exceptional vibrational mastery can choose which field to play in by the twiddle of an inner knob. Sometimes you want to get really dirty with a game of Genius Intellect, and sometimes you want to transmute Insufferable Chaos into Poised Order.

That mastery is handy when you’ve suddenly become homeless because your chocolate business has failed, and you’re cleaning up a derelict barn next to a tip, vacuuming up the snake’s nest you’ve discovered in the wall so it might be clean enough for the kids to sleep in tonight. Guess how I know. Being the embodiment of Poise on the frontline of the biggest spiritual crisis in human history helps you enjoy yourself through the madness.

The Apocalypse has been foretold, of course, we all know that. The idea is a bit fantastical to those who haven’t connected the dots between quantum shift and human awakening. Even the theologians don’t like talking about it. During my early priesthood studies with the Episcopal Church the ordained clergy would shift uncomfortably at any mention of the revelations right there in their holy book. Mind you, even the aging world creaks and groans into metamorphosis when providence commands it: the Bishop Kym Lucas of Colorado once told me she used Reiki during her pregnancies - isn’t that magical!

Around the rising, spitting, sparkling fires of the wild women I danced with, I discovered that the old witches and pagan priestesses, just like their sworn nemesis “The Church”, also dislike talking about the unconditional healing prescribed in scripture from all columns of spiritual thought. Many of them are still too angry with the patriarchy to participate in the energetic reconciliation and atonement needed to heal the rift between church and spirit, structure and essence, house and home, Adam and Eve. The “witch wound” is an ageing institution in itself, and hear me sisters: don’t let it seduce you to wrath. The devil doesn’t live exclusively in the Christian framework - it’s in the same air we all breathe.

I know all this because I dipped my toes into the smelly end of end-times and lived to tell the tale. I did this greedily and vainly, seduced by the promise of the “think and grow rich” mentality foundational to fast-food spiritual attraction teachings of modern thought. I littered mistakes along the way, and clumsily course-corrected step by step. What I learned above all, is that even the Apocalypse is safe when you are Sovereign.

Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.

I didn’t read this Truth in a book, I realized it while fucking up big time trying to master the metaphysics of energetically cheating my way to wealth. And it had to be that way, because my whole life was set up for this actualization. I’m not the only one. There are millions and millions of us.

Of course, every generation has tried to infuse more awareness and more Truth into something that has hardened around the heart of Man. That challenge is the Magic of intergenerational unfolding, it’s simply our human heritage: we strive for better. That’s why Love always wins in the End. It soaks into subconscious memories of our first abandonment and rejection, uncovering secrets that unlock a profound process of transgenerational catharsis; a collective clearing of the debris from the nemeses of our forefathers and leftover junk of ancestral trauma around power, control, enslavement and abuse.

This healing is happening anyway. Our mission is to make the metamorphosis smoother, bringing awareness to the structures that must fall in order for providential unfolding to feel graceful, scintillating, and less armageddony.

My cousin, Dorothy Kerin, was an uncanonized Christian saint who in 1912 had a near death experience (she was pulseless for eight minutes) before suddenly waking up healed after ten years of being bedridden with tuberculosis. She began a worldwide healing ministry and facilitated countless miracle healings, although she gave all the glory to God. These days those types of healings are known as "unexplained spontaneous remissions", and are swiftly cancelled from reputable reports. Many books have been written on Dorothy [4] and all accounts describe the hallmark of her life as the courageous willingness to live entirely by faith, surrendered to Truth in every moment. She’s dead now, but I bet she wore her prettiest things to the occasions of her greatest challenges.

"The vast multitude build up a barrier between the seen and the unseen, between spiritual beauty and themselves, by worldly lives and foolishness. As soon as this barrier is broken down there will be a great inrush of spiritual beauty and glory... I believe that we are on the threshold of a great revelation. Man is about to have a great awakening." - Dorothy Kerin

She was right. That’s what we came for.

Melting the barriers of the ageing world doesn’t cancel trouble, though. Evil is an intelligent system of energy ordained to keep our attention on the marvellously designed shared infrastructure that we’ve formed to play in. In fact, evil is a good and necessary ingredient in the game of human growth, a Truth which we’d much rather deny. If it wasn’t for some sort of dark energy keeping our manifest universe together, expansion would have no resistance and total consciousness would be immediate. We’d all be eternal oneness in the flash of a big bang. Which ruins the game. The whole point is to make our way home across the imaginary forcefield of forgetfulness and illusion.

Evil hides most effectively in the group. When a group of any size comes together to agree on fact, a structure has formed, which is invariably subject to crumbling and therefore also defense and constant fearful repair:

  • “True understanding comes only from struggle”,

  • “If work isn’t hard then it isn’t noble”,

  • “Science is the only thing we can trust”,

  • “Religion is the only thing we can trust”,

  • “Money is the source of my survival”,

  • “Money is the source of all evil”,

  • “It is impossible for the human body to shapeshift”.

They’re all lies, because they try to make a solid out of a constantly changing soup and their potentiality only collapses into an actuality when you choose them to be true. Some of them are super-obvious lies, like “I am not worthy” or “I am unloved” or “I won the election”, and some are super subtle, masquerading as noble piety and righteous wrath like “men must pay for what they’ve done to women over the generations” or “women should shave their armpits.”

It is a commonly accepted standard that the power of deliberate Word can instantly morph one reality into another. Creative words have always transformed lives and circumstances. The caveat is that the life-transforming words that move mountains and calm the rough seas of life also require a Presence that I don’t always want to invoke, because sometimes I’m busy having an illicit affair with the Devil and I like to fool myself that I won’t get caught.

The enlightened savant is perhaps extra vulnerable to seduction, because we’re less afraid of it. We know what it’s really made of, and we’re pretty awesome at transmutation: We can converse with our minds, emotions and our physical being, shifting our moods, manipulating our awareness, and transforming our energy from one moment to the next. You and I are exactly where we are, as we are, because of choices we made in between, choices that were made up of programs and fears and personality traits and all that stuff. We are more than our personality, more than our body chemistry, more than our astrological circumstances, and certainly more than our thoughts. We are the Isness, making Love to Life, and it’s our awareness of that which makes Magic vital.

I was lucky enough to hang out with Piers Anthony [2] (a fantasy author who won a bunch of New York Times awards and therefore carries a collectively agreed upon weight of authority), and one of the things I asked him was to give me the secret to success. He leaned in and said, “Elizabeth, there is only one thing you need to succeed: Luck.” That’s the wisest business advice I ever got. I know people who have always been extraordinarily lucky. Luck definitely isn’t random. Of course, when you get good at recognizing the frequency of Luck and you start using it on purpose, it’s more accurate to call it miracle-mindedness, and then you can practice the mastery of allowing unbelievable serendipity, sometimes life-saving.

Like when my family lived in that derelict barn and winter was coming. We hung up blankets and fairy lights, fashioned a kitchen out of a grill and two dorm fridges where we had stored chocolates before our entrepreneurial cataclysm. We pulled an extension cord from the nearest house, fifty yards across the junk pile, through one of the barn windows. That powered the fridges and the fairy lights. As it got colder, we could hear the bears scavenging the junk pile after dark.

One night, when the storm was so bad that the panes rattled and the barn doors slammed open, the children laying tucked under several layers of blankets with my husband holding them both for comfort, I prayed like a fucking hero. I looked around at the ramshackled pieces of rotting wood held together, and shouted at the lighting: “Deliver us NOW”. The next day, a local priest asked me to teach a workshop on consciousness at the church. One of the students approached me at the end and asked, “Are you the family who live in a barn? I’m going to Manhattan for the winter, and I don’t want the pipes in my cabin to freeze and burst. Would you consider stewarding the property for me until spring?” What luck!

Whatever this cabin’s state of derelict abandon, it would be better than the barn. Matt and I went to look. It was a mansion, hidden in a private and secluded pocket of unspoiled Rocky Mountain splendor! It was built by an Oscar-winning playwright, and now his widow enjoyed her summers in the mountains and her winters in the city. We lived there for eight months. We had walls. We had a door that locked. We had lights that turned on and off with a flick of a switch. We had hot showers. We had acres upon acres of raw wilderness to explore. An unlikely miracle, the sort that only comes to one who has mastered the art of allowing ridiculous serendipity to drop inside the universal force field of shit, and the savvy to spot the lucky penny on the sidewalk. Be the one who knows there is always an angel nearby, then your eye catches the glint more easily.

Remembering Grace is the first baby step. That’s the get-out clause when the blindspots in our mastery lead us into dancing a collective rhythm of pattern thinking and default programs of sneakily constructed false thought. Remembering Grace is a skill that can be learned and cultivated, and we’re really good at it. We’re naturally encoded with creative intelligence for incredible productivity, creativity and expansion of human experience, capable of being reprogrammed from our spiritual core. Gollums of clay molded by the matrix of creative intelligence and given the heart of God. We were made to choose wisely and in Love. We all know it. We all agree.

That’s why we’ll only put our Magic to use when it suits us, and that infuriates the World.

“Millennials are lazy and entitled,” we heard for many years. [3]

Lazy? Do you have any idea how unlazy goat yoga is?

The Buddhist Robert Thurman describes an “in between” point of Sovereign poise to say that within it "the soul...can directly modify, just with creative imagination, what the Buddhists call the spiritual genes it carries with it. The between voyager has temporarily an immensely heightened intelligence, extraordinary powers of concentration, special abilities of clairvoyance and teleportation, flexibility to become whatever can be imagined, and the openness to be radically transformed by a thought, or a vision, or instruction. This is indeed why the between traveler can become instantly liberated by understanding where he or she is in the between, what the reality is, where the allies are, and where the dangers” [5].

This requires incredible self-awareness and boy, have we got work to do. We meditate, we do the shadow work, scanning our lives’ experience from mind to vibration to molecule out into relationships, circumstance and legacy cultivation (minding to avoid the blind spots I don’t want to discover; I’ll tuck those away for later, pardon me, can I have a dose of Mercy through all that stuff please?). We identify and transform the manifestations we know are inhibiting Love from being shared through the heart (better Grace all my judgments, I’m not actually sure what’s inhibiting what). It’s exhausting. Nothing lazy about it. That’s why we spend so much on lifestyle.

Actually, sloth finds its way. There are definitely times I choose not to choose Love. Sometimes I use my remarkable awareness to get up to no good. Sometimes I watch from a vantage point as I let systems run on automatic, coolly observing a predicted trigger come across my path at the exact spacetime coordinates I imagined, letting it pick any switches it wants, and then submitting all my thoughts, feelings and actions to whatever program the switch ignited. I don’t have insanity as an excuse. I’ve defied my wisdom, reason and Love with my eyes wide open. That’s Sin.

But don’t worry about it. The Indigo Kids grew up and we’ve got this apocalypse in the bag. As the character Cardinal Bergoglio formulated in the film “The Two Popes”, we just need to help the ageing world of our own paradigms change the question from is it ok to smoke while praying to is it ok to pray while smoking? That way we’ll infuse the divine into the workings of the world, instead of rearranging the workings of the world to make space for God.

When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s she was empty, simply not there. But because we knew how to navigate to that still point of poise embedded in the vast void of notness, we ignited a remembering in her mind, and within months she was laughing, dancing, and knowing her Life to be good and worthy. They kicked me out of the Alzheimer’s support group for sharing the story though, because everybody knows that’s not possible. Even my mum’s video testimonial with Dr. Ernesto wasn’t enough to soften the structures of allowing. The dying world is desperate to stay dying, fighting to the death to defend a house on fire because they think the house is the home.

My mum chose differently. She isn’t dying - she’s brand new, a phoenix from the ashes! It’s not only possible, it’s inevitable. Love already won.

So that’s why we’re here, Indigo Child. For the burn, and for the rise.


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