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What if you had all the magic in the world at your fingertips...?

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Level up your energy game with our specialty framework


is our elite level program for energy workers, advancing and deepening your existing modality. We'll take you through a scintillating coaching experience in energetic mastery found nowhere else on the planet.

What you'll learn:

  • An innovative understanding of the law of creative flow - from a new perspective.

  • The principles of Reiki and their relation to the macro-laws of self-realization.

  • The fundamental metaphysical governance of flow.

  • How to structure your energy work according to that governance in order to enhance and accelerate the effect.

  • The Reiki symbols, their meaning, power and application.

  • A framework for using this existing energy stream to enhance your business, profitability and enjoyment... 

For Usui Reiki Master Teacher certification only:

​How to be a Reiki Master Teacher (in other words, who are YOU as an RMT and how do YOU teach)

How to give attunements, the intention, ritual and transmission.


You will be trained in:

The Master Alchemy Protocol 

Sovereign Reiki certification

Usui Reiki Master Teacher certification

+ supporting energy techniques and philosophy. 

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is a one-of-a-kind Reiki Master Teaching aligned with the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment and using the method Vibrational Ontology. This framework gives a profound understanding of energy work and a structured, strategic application for Reiki, giving your energy & manifestation practice laser sharp focus and enhanced results.


  • Sovereign Reiki III/Usui Reiki Master Teacher Certification if applicable.


  • You are an emerging or experienced energy worker wanting to enhance or evolve your craft.

  • You want your brilliant mind to get on board with what you know is true, and yield tangible, physical results. 

  • You are looking for a unique modality that is tailored to your use and needs.

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What is Alchemy

If you ask a flutist where her magic comes from, she will tell you it comes from two places: 

One aspect of her music is the eternal breath that flows through her, the same breath that is accessible to anyone and that is ignited and sustained by an inner creative agency – step aside and it’ll just flow. This is pure inspiration, and it’s divine. 

And an equally important part of the magic, is her craft. The expertise with which she places her fingers, moves her lips, and regulates her breath, and the form and quality of her tool. This is her excellence.

When the divine converges with excellence, you have a co-creative magic.


Using VIBRATIONAL ONTOLOGY, a ground-breaking method for embodied learning, you will learn how to discern the difference between limitation and opportunity, paradigm and Truth, and how to restore balance at a quantum level for renewed mental, emotional and physical energy while regaining and maintaining Sovereign Poise in life, relationships and in your business.


"This course broke my brain-internet." 

- Sylvia Swann, Programs Director at KST

"I couldn't ask for a better teacher!" 

- Mandy Handly, Sovereign Reiki Master

"I recover quicker from triggers and traumas." 

- Kelliann Denney, Merchandiser

Sign up for the Master Alchemist group training

5 x 1 hour weekly Zoom sessions /


Wednesdays @ 7 pm GMT  (replays will be available)

In the 5-week group journey we meet together weekly for guided training sessions. Enjoy wondrous journeys into Sovereignty of mind and practical training in Vibrational Ontology, Sovereign Reiki and our very own Master Alchemy Protocol to expand your capacity and get the tools you need to instantly make more space for incredible magic and groundbreaking shifts.


The sessions are not interactive (we take written questions in the chat, with optional live questions) - you don't need to spend your time thinking about what to say. You simply get to receive and embody the teachings and healing so you can get started on the real work that is to be done. 

Entry fee $1100.

or Upgrade to CONCIERGE/private training


  • Five private sessions 

  • A strategic transformational Alchemy protocol adapted exclusively to you.

  • One support session with Expansion Coach Sylvia R Swann


SOVEREIGN REIKI Group Re-Certification

Next Re-Certification MAY 20TH / Thursday @ 7-10 pm GMT

Sovereign Reiki recertification, for practitioners with an existing Reiki certificate  $349/pax

PRIVATE Sovereign Reiki Master


Entry fee $3300 - purchase to schedule

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Hello, my name is Elizabeth.

I teach business owners, thought leaders and Christ-disciples a way of mastery that combines human genius with the personal magic of subtle energy, under a framework of graceful surrender that actually makes sense and is aligned with scripture. In other words, this is Logic + Magic + Grace. You have never seen Reiki like this.


Reiki Master Teacher & Vibrational Ontologist Elizabeth began her career in self-mastery program design as a volunteer progression mentor with The Prince’s Trust in UK, during her graduate degree in Criminology & Journalism almost twenty years ago. She went to become a professionally trained and qualified PRINCE2 project manager, mastering the craft of flow. She has apprenticed with New York Times bestselling authors and published both fantasy fiction and inspirational self-mastery, and studied with thought leaders in spiritualism and Christianity, as well as doctors of energy medicine and the natural arts of devotion. Her passion for language and story-telling, her specialism in spiritual ontology, combined with decade long study and training in the field of metaphysics and mind, guiding hundreds of students on multiple forms of spiritual and life programs have all led her to now design and implement meaningful healing programs that bring lasting transformation in consciousness.



  • PART 1 covers the Model of Human Consciousness, an all-new revelation of the Truth about who you are, building the foundation for Sovereign Reiki I/II training and certification.

  • IN PART 2 you will learn the Energy Medicine Tool, a simple form of energy alchemy that transforms one frequency (such as self-doubt) into another (such as confidence).

  • IN PART 3 you will receive and understand the Master Alchemy Protocol designed as a template to guide your intention for rapid energetic upgrades in your consciousness and business.

  • IN PART 4 you will learn how to test your results against metrics that matter to you, and refine your forward practice strategy.

  • ALSO INCLUDED: Downloadable tutorials and PDFs

  • BONUS: A Handbook of Abundance Attunements to practice your energy work on and enjoy the abundant side effects of this practice.

  • A secret community area to commune with fellow travellers, sharing stories and tips


Although the protocol stays the same, your CONCIERGE program is designed especially for you and your team depending on the nature of your present state and existing level of vibrational mastery, with optional add-ons spanning from private Sovereign training and bespoke meditations to VR experiences, vocal coaching and luxury retreats.

Enjoy a video from the group journey
HERO (focusing on overwhelm this time) 
that we delivered in January 2021 to an intimate group of 8 spiritual entrepreneurs:

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