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Radical Spiritual Change MADE EASY

From Suffering to Healing.
From Seeking to Being.

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I AM TRUTH is a beautiful journey of transendence and renewal through the landscapes of our darkest ways - leading into a Sovereign state of Being where you are the master over your Energy Field. 

In this one-way journey into Self we will teach you how to leave your unwanted patterns  behind - forever.

Designed to save you eons of treading water in your spiritual progress and enlightenment, this gorgeously eloquent course takes you through the pivotal stages of reconnecting, recollection and release that enables you to float up and out of the stagnant waters and emerge into an allowing Presence, unfazed by the bewilderment of "reality".

This is a masterfully directed course of spiritual teaching, meditation, metacognition techniques and simple energy alchemy.


I AM TRUTH expertly and efficiently puts you where you belong - in charge of your Self.

Get the energy tools and strategy you need to break through the veil, transcend your current reality and Quantum leap into the emergence as the new you with the RAPID RELEASE METHOD: The toolkit for releasing limiting paradigm.


Using VIBRATIONAL ONTOLOGY, a ground-breaking method for embodied learning, you will learn how to discern the difference between limitation and opportunity, paradigm and Truth, and how to restore balance at a quantum level for renewed mental, emotional and physical energy while regaining and maintaining Sovereign Poise in life, relationships and in your business.

"...THIS IS IT."

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  • You are experiencing patterns of resistance in your personal or business life.

  • You are doing your best to transform: practicing yoga, meditating, praying, exercising, dieting, renewing, reading self-help books or doing all the things to make life better and align with the good stuff.

  • ...but you still have blocks that you are unable to move past.


  • You know and navigate the human consciousness with ease.

  • You are done with the gritty healing process and look back on the trials you have been through with love, admiration and gratitude.

  • You are living as Truth, aligned with your talents, aspirations and dreams and know what it means to be your Self.

  • You harbor no regrets, bear no grudges, as you are Present in the Flow of the moment.

  • You know what works... because you are the answer, so you move confidently and smoothly through the turbulence of life, no more being thrown off kilter by "reality".

  • You are Sovereign over your energy field.​

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Although the protocol stays the same, your I Am TRUTH program is designed especially for you and your team depending on the nature of your challenge and your existing level of vibrational mastery.


Enjoy a sneak peak from the group journey HERO that we delivered in March 2021 to an intimate group of 8 spiritual entrepreneurs:

Hello, my name is Elizabeth.

I'm an expert at teaching you how to use your mind to dissolve the obstacles before you and stay vibrationally aloft in deep and turbulent waters. The method is known as Vibrational Ontology - a form of embodied philosophy that deals with the art of becoming, and uses transmission and attunement to ease the burden and empower you from within.


If you think you or your team could benefit from better vibrational poise, more mental capacity and a lot more physical energy, book this course and make this the day you take back your power.

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What's Included in the


  • 5 group coaching sessions with leading Vibrational Ontologist Elizabeth A Wilson on Zoom (recordings will be available after)

  • Training in energy alchemy and metacognition specifically focused for rapid implementation, embodiment and release.

  • Additional enhancement exercises designed to support your progression through this life challenge.

  • A secret community area to commune with fellow travellers, sharing stories and tips.

  • 5 downloadable mp3 thought experiments with binaural undertones to enhance learning and embody the energetic transmission

    $1100 per person/contact us for group pricing


  • Five private ontology sessions per person, with a strategic transformational medicine protocol adapted exclusively to you.

    + A professionally produced strategic action plan for further growth.


  • One support session with Expansion Coach Sylvia R Swann

  • $3300 per person

Do the work. See the results.

5 x 1 hour weekly sessions

In the 5-week group journey we meet together weekly for a guided session where you will enjoy wondrous journeys into Sovereignty of mind, to expand your capacity, ease the burden and get the tools you need to instantly make more space for incredible magic, happiness and Love in your life.


The sessions are not interactive - you don't need to spend your time thinking about what to say. You simply get to rest, receive and embody the teachings and healing with the ground-breaking method Vibrational Ontology, so you can get started on the real work that is to be done.



Kelliann Denney, 2019

"I am writing this to tell a short story how I Am Truth changed my life...

I started working through my trauma with Elizabeth about four months ago. After hearing my origin story, my goals, and my roadblocks, she created a healing path suited and personalized for ME... What a relief and miracle, to have access to learn techniques that will help me find release, peace and forgiveness.

At first, my body and mind pushed back: This isn’t going to work; This isn’t you; You aren’t going to stick with this.


(But now) 

  • I manage daily stress leaps and bounds better than before.

  • I contain skills and techniques to talk my way out of a storm and recover quicker from triggers and traumas.

  • I have forgiven people in my life that I had said I never would.

  • I am more calm, present and have found a deeper union with my life.

  • I also have a more clear understanding of how to serve and love unconditionally while setting healthy boundaries.

  • I am free, I have forgiven, I am forgiven.

And this process saved me.

Elizabeth, I am filled with so much gratitude for your guidance, support, vision, and love. My humble and loyal cells are anew; I am anew ❤️"

- Kelliann Denney

I AM TRUTH student 2019

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