Consulting for Spiritual Creators.

Whether you are creating a new, enlightened Life for yourself, solving an impossible problem or formulating your work of passion, your project is unique, beautiful and holy.

As a seasoned Truth-Seeker, you are a highly intelligent and spiritually mature man or woman of God, ready to turn your story of overcoming into a service for humanity. You have a project that is ready to be realized, and are seeking wise counsel.  


You need a project manager who combines industry excellence with high level spiritual awareness and robust knowledge of spiritual law. With our unique approach to consulting, we specialize in revealing the links between consciousness, vibration and form, which ensures that your personal project is recognized and primed for the true impact it's ordained for.



Our Clients

Apart from accomplishing the most spiritually robust implementation plan possible for their unique work, as by-products of working with us our clients have released addictions, anxiety and overthinking, shame and victimhood, and confusion.


Psychiatrists, doctors, researchers, healers, influencers, entrepreneurs and creatives have transcended decades-long patterns of resistance and procrastination.


They've untangled problems they couldn’t solve and formulated mysteries they couldn't grasp.


They’ve allowed miracles to move through them to create

  • books of fiction and non-fiction,

  • transformational coaching programs,

  • business overhauls and relaunch,

  • personal spiritual development projects and ascension,

  • tremendous physical healing and

  • supernatural mastery. 


Seek now eagerly the higher spiritual gifts, and I will show you the most excellent Way.

1 Corinthians 12:31




Now Enrolling!

Join other spiritual creators for an exclusive 3 month coaching path for energy clearing & project design under advanced spiritual law & vibrational mastery techniques.


What you get:

  • 5 weeks consciousness clearing & planning,

trauma release & energy hygiene to dissolve resistance, optimize your power, clarify your path. 


  • 7 weeks project design and implementation

turning your vision into reality according to the truest design for you.


  • Weekly teachings & group coaching

join other spiritual creators for high level mindset development & accountability.



high level partnership as your vision becomes real.

It's time.

About Us

We are a boutique consulting firm in Sarasota, Florida, serving clients all over the world. We specialize in personal ascension, mental and vibrational mastery, and project creation. 

Elizabeth is PRINCE 2 Project Manager, ordained minister, Reiki Master Teacher and clinical ontologist. Author of the proprietary system The Sovereign Way, she is known for her spiritual presence and power, as well as her genius ability to comprehend clients' spiritual needs. She serves clients worldwide, has authored multiple books and is a beloved speaker and spiritual teacher in the community. 

Matt is a devoted father and husband with over two decades of education and professional experience in client satisfaction and service. His expertise in personality assessment and leadership, plus his sovereign mastery and overflowing love, make him the perfect concierge for your coaching experience.