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To a Consciousness Clearing like no other.


Join us for an exclusive 3 month container for consciousness clearing & advanced mental & vibrational mastery teachings.


This has the potency of lifetimes worth of experience,


Taught by the world's leading Vibrational Ontologist and hosted by Sovereign Masters,


our groundbreaking teachings bring you into a whole other way of being - your way.

What you get:

3 months consciousness clearing group coaching

with leading experts in the field. 


Daily group calls

Ask all the questions.


Weekly teaching
Highly potent teachings and attunements




resulting in... CLARITY. MASTERY. PEACE.


Price by invitation: $5000 (ends 31 August) 


It's time.


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This is for you if...

You have ever sought the Truth about life, consciousness and human being,

yearning for the exhileration of finally going behind the veil

You want to experience life's wonders up close and personal like never before.

All teachings are held in our group hub:



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Sovereign is a framework of thought that takes the practitioner out of the stories behind the veil and into an immediate experience of Truth in a coherent strategy for embodied ascension.