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"One of the most relevant courses available during this time"


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  • Do you grow first, and leap after?

  • Do you leap first, and grow mid-air?

  • How do you know if this challenge is something to fight or allow?


  • How will you deal with or plan for something you don't know what is?

  • How will you discern the right actions to take?

  • How do you measure what your energetic footprint is and what resources you have available? 

  • Do you know the real craft involved in "letting go" of all the tension and get your focus back?


You don't need more work to do.

You need more of YOU.

Get the energy tools and strategy you need to expand your capacity and meet your calling with the TOOLKIT FOR DISSOLVING OVERWHELM.

HERO is a simple and unique 5-step protocol for dissolving overwhelm. It helps you and your team increase your mental capacity, emotional balance and physical energy while regaining and maintaining spiritual and mental Poise.


Using VIBRATIONAL ONTOLOGY, a ground-breaking method for embodied learning, you receive gentle but powerful training in a protocol that serves as a buoyancy device for ANY stressful situation, adventure or apocalypse.

"...THIS IS IT."

Perfect for entrepreneurs, groups, teams and mission partners!

5 x 1 hour weekly NON-INTERACTIVE sessions

In this 5-week group journey we meet together weekly for a guided session where you will enjoy wondrous journeys into Sovereignty of mind, to expand your capacity, ease the burden and get the tools you need to instantly make more space for incredible magic, happiness and Love in your life.


The sessions are not interactive - you don't need to spend your time thinking about what to say. You simply get to rest, receive and embody the teachings and healing with the ground-breaking method Vibrational Ontology, so you can get started on the real work that is to be done.

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This course has been expertly designed to fit

  • Adventurers of experience who are looking for an effective expansion protocol

  • Business owners who know they want to scale their operations but the team feels like they're treading water

  • Exhausted spiritual seekers and Ascending Masters

  • Empaths who have soaked up a little too much junk energy

  • Anyone who needs an easy-to-implement tool for staying afloat and prosper even when it all gets too much.



Although the protocol stays the same, your HERO program is designed especially for you and your team depending on the nature of your challenge and your existing level of vibrational mastery.


Take a sneak peak from the group journey we delivered in March 2021 to an intimate group of 8 spiritual entrepreneurs:

Hello, my name is Elizabeth.

I'm an expert at teaching you how to use your mind to dissolve the obstacles before you and stay vibrationally aloft in deep and turbulent waters. The method is known as Vibrational Ontology - a form of embodied philosophy that deals with the art of becoming, and uses transmission and attunement to ease the burden and empower you from within.


If you think your team could benefit from better vibrational poise, more mental capacity and a lot more physical energy, book this course and make this the day you take back your power.

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What's Included in the


  • 5 group coaching sessions with leading Vibrational Ontologist Elizabeth A Wilson on Zoom (recordings will be available after)

  • Training in energy alchemy and metacognition specifically focused to the challenges we are facing NOW

  • 5 spoken spiritual lessons outlining THE universal protocol for dealing with any difficulty.

  • Additional enhancement exercises designed to support your progression through this life challenge.

  • A secret community area to commune with fellow travellers, sharing stories and tips.

  • 5 downloadable mp3 thought experiments with binaural undertones to enhance learning and embody the energetic transmission

    $1100 per person/contact us for group pricing


  • Five private ontology sessions per person, with a mindset medicine formulated exclusively for you.

    A professionally produced strategic action plan as a framework for your/your team's right action.

  • One support session with Expansion Coach Sylvia R Swann

  • Deep dive consultation with award-winning medical Qigong practitioner and nutritionist Dr. Cynthia Clark. This session will evaluate cellular health to determine your nutritional/detox needs and regain physical power.

  • Each team member receives their body specific diet and supplement plan to convert harmful chemicals in the body through oxidation, reduction and hydrolysis to strengthen the body, banish brain fog and get you primed for optimal progress.

    $3300 per person

for more info on our teachings read the blog


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Tina Barnes

One of the most relevant courses available today is the 5-step HERO protocol. We all need this practice in our current unprecedented situation. HERO is both comforting and empowering. A road map, clearly guiding me through the physical, emotional, spiritual and experiential phases of dealing with life's challenges. It highlights what I am capable of and areas to strengthen with accessible and fulfilling practices to make this so. It has helped me to identify my superpower, which was not what I initially thought it would be, providing me clearer insight into my life's direction and revealing exciting paths. 

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Moa Stridh

I feel truly blessed having Elizabeth as a teacher, guide and mentor. She came into my life when I most needed her. She gives clear guidance and wisdom that feels so gentle and at the same time so powerful and direct. After working with her I am now feeling more aligned with my truth, excited about the future and seeing more clearly the steps I need to take! She showed me how my creative projects and dreams that I felt was chaotic and had a hard time to put into place is really ALL connected.

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Debbie Pribele

 The HERO protocol has changed my life!!!! I have re-aligned with who I am, with my passion, purpose, beliefs, and, um “goals”. I say that last bit because it has been part of my spiel, but, following the protocol, my “goals” are no longer out there and beyond but, rather, within. Instead of being a destination they are clarifying and empowering my true essence in this moment, every moment. 
From one HERO to another --- #gratitude! 

What some of our students say

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