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You are the mavericks, the unicorns, the visionaries, the leaders.

You have the "success", but you are seeking the more.


WE are the stewards of Vibrational Ontology,
a groundbreaking method for strategically arranging your understanding and vibration that, when taught in a special sequence we call the Sovereign method, allow unparalleled shifts in your life experience.

We have meticulously woven simple Truths with magical experiences and marvelous psychological and spiritual insight to help you understand and embody the deepest algorithms and directives of spiritual and vibrational law,

giving you the tools you need to transcend your life experience and shift into a life of Grace and flow and lead from a place of indisputable Knowing.

Only you can experience and express Truth the way you know it, and when you're tapped into your purest essence, you have a treasure that nobody else can deliver to the world.

It's time to Be who you came to Be.

My name is Elizabeth A Wilson

I train entrepreneurs and disciples in the spiritual and metaphysical laws of ongoing enlightenment. I am the author of the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment, a one-of-a-kind strategy for Knowing, developed in the field. 


The Master



Results of the implementing this strategy include profound self-acceptance, sublime genius and exceptional sovereignty of mind, as well as an acute awareness of grace. In other words, expansion at its finest and most rewarding.

I specialize in the process of becoming and the Sovereign way of being. I have funnelled my expertise in spiritual direction, project management and energetic mastery into one modality and program of learning that brings our clients to remarkable peace, refreshing clarity, empowered decision-making and the ability to enjoy the results.

If our clients can do it, so can you. 

- Elizabeth

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Sylvia R Swann

is our Expansion Coach, Program Designer, an Author and Vibrational Ontologist specializing in helping you understand and actualize your unique potential and next level-up in your expression. 

An ex-director and producer, Sylvia is now known as The Expansion Mage. With an uncanny knack for energetic discernment and a mind that roams the furthest reaches of Consciousness and Creation, Sylvia helps you spin your revelations into practical, tangible life decisions that catapult your service, vocation, business or mission into the next level of being. 

Authors, performers, course leaders, public speakers and business owners love Sylvia's application of vibrational ontology for teasing out the true diamond genius that wants to be born. Sylvia delivers a level up in excellence that will propel you in your chosen direction.

Our Clients

...are authors, speakers, thought leaders, doctors, priests, teachers, mothers, daughters, wives, husbands, financial advisors, actors, all looking to realize their ultimate potential, attain the highest frequency and embody the highest Knowing available at this time.


Our clients undergo incredible transformations. Relationships heal, forgiveness and absolution settle into the heart of once-toxic affairs. They find the courage to take once-impossible risks that deliver them to magical frontiers. They fully surrender into their dream lives and create wonderful legacies, bringing their vocation and service to the next level.


Sovereign Masters is a service for the bold traveller of Life who is ready for the profound inner peace and exhilaration of truly Knowing who you are and how you serve.


You want to engage with Life without apology, and experience the magic of human consciousness as expressed through God’s dearest child: You. 

We support you with our genius, our craft, our lived-experience and our proprietary method for Knowing. You will love our weekly immersion workshops, our fully personalized coaching journeys, and our lovely way of being. With us, you are free to be you - and then more and more of you - beautiful, beloved, and Sovereign.

No one else can do you. No one else can Know the world as you do and create as you do. It is vital that you step into your Knowing.

Work with us? 
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Enter the Game of Enlightenment

The Game of Enlightenment is the game that we play, and the strategy we follow is called SOVEREIGN.

Sovereign is a revolution in human understanding. It is a philosophical framework that makes sense of your ascending consciousness. It is a path of wisdom and method that transcends religiosity, and brings you into the depths of mystic revelation. It joins the dots, reveals the image, and breathes Life into it.


It's time to WHOOMPH.

SOVEREIGN is a life mastery program for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Artists and Influencers who want to align with the highest natural power of creativity to experience a powerful enhancement of your excellence, radiance, genius, beauty and reach. And we'll help you excel at it.

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Let's talk about how we can help you reach your goal of goals.


"Holy balls!! I am free!"

Client Experiences


I am trying to find words because I want every person on the planet to know that this kind of program exists... As you move through these teachings with Elizabeth as your guide, life starts to rearrange to meet your intentions... Imagine having the knowing and the awareness to meet every challenge the rest of your life with more grace and ease... to overcome everything that is bigger than you. Do not miss an opportunity to participate in anything that comes from this source. I promise you its magic.  AND It’s also logic, and that's why it’s working. 

Maria Kristina Viklund, Life Coach


There's an intuitiveness of the human condition that I’ve never experienced beforeI highly recommend working with Elizabeth and Sylvia.

Stig Eldred, Hollywood actor and humanitarian

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Let's talk about how we can help you reach your goal of goals.

enter @ sovereignmasters.com

            OUR SERVICES AT A GLANCE // 

  • The Oasis // 2 month+ membership in the Sovereign School with weekly LIVE teaching along with our elite students & entrepreneurs. 

  • The Mastermind // a 12 month membership with monthly sequential private lessons, personalized practices, and optional weekly group teachings and self-study library. 

  • The Intensives // 5 week - 12 month intensive coaching journeys with vibrational ontology, plus practical spiritual and creative direction.

  • Group workshops for teams in business and mission.

  • The Game Master // Sovereign Game of Enlightenment: 12 month Mastery upgrade with private bootcamp training in The Sovereign Way including all eight masteries and the complete portfolio of practices + optional project & business formulation

  • The Philanthropist Program: Mastery Upgrade + your own bespoke Legacy Program or Legacy Donation Program

  • Strategy sessions

  • Apprenticeships (very limited availability, by interview or invitation only)

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