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The sacred garden is the seat of your soul experience.

It is filled with creations. Those of yours that are pure and true will be watered and fresh.

Those of others that are illusory and faint will need weeding.

Lookt at the fountains and bird baths. And the little stream. Is there water in there?

Let them fill up. Let the little birds swoon in and drink.

Where there is shadow, there is falsehood.

Is there something hiding in the trunk of the tree?

Know the tree to be pure. It will wipe clean.


Within your being a silent - or roaring - apocalypse is taking place. You are looking for the uplevel in your excellence and the pure, unadultered understanding that comes from knowing and seeing the Truth about the unveiled world. But for that, you have to go through the ultimate human transcendence. 


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with our group program

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Elizabeth Wilson meets The Thought Leader Publisher, Andrea Albright, CEO of Beverly Hills Publishing

"Holy balls!! I am free!"

I am trying to find words because I want every person on the planet to know that this kind of program exists... As you move through these teachings life starts to rearrange to meet your intentions... Imagine having the knowing and the awareness to meet every challenge the rest of your life with more grace and ease... to overcome everything that is bigger than you. Do not miss an opportunity to participate in anything that comes from this source. I promise you its magic.  AND It’s also logic, and that's why it’s working. 


Maria Kristina Viklund, Life Coach


Stig Eldred, Hollywood actor and humanitarian

There's an intuitiveness of the human condition that I’ve never experienced beforeI highly recommend working with Elizabeth and Sylvia.


  Adam Gil Lazaro, spiritual teacher, The Astral Alchemist.  

Such an honour to be Sylvias client for the Epitome program! She was able to quickly understand my situation, ask the right questions and deliver the right medicine for it. So much fun and so freaking good, she is an expansion coach on another level. I am so excited for the future that she is helping me to create. New ideas, new ways of seeing things, new ways of branding myself, I have never been able to do that properly in my 10 years of Spiritual service... now we did it in 2 sessions! Thank you so much, I highly recommend this program.