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Exquisite Video Teachings

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Our video teachings are beautifully designed presentations of wisdom 


...soaked in vibrational attunement,

transmitting a frequency of grace that will delight and comfort,

excite and inspire, and initiate thinking in new directions.

Get a pencil and pen, a glass of water and your favourite essential oil, and lean back in comfort.



For hundreds more hours of profound spiritual insight, and to participate in live teachings every week with our Elite Sovereign Students, join The Oasis here.

Being Peacock: Metaphysical Mechanics of Splendor

It’s time to be splendid. The world needs hope more than ever, needs to see the evidence of sparkle and magic, and your beauty is an expression of the divine.

But we restrict our radiance - for many reasons. In this teaching, turn your fear of being seen into mist at dawn with these gorgeous demonstrations from The Sovereign Way

Using Logic to Dissolve Self-Sabotage

This is a metacognition tool that applies LOGIC to facilitate a paradigm shift that dissolves self-sabotage caused by over-thinking.


Use this tool to energetically bind the limiting belief, and then focus your healing and energy work here.

HERO: A 5-Step Protocol for Expansion

An introduction to the HERO course from The Sovereign Way, a five-week program that trains you in the metaphysical protocol for expanding your consciousness and energy to deal with any challenge. 


This program is incredible for anyone who struggles with overwhelm.  

ADVENTURER: Liberating the Self from Systems of Form

Adventurer is an advanced level game in the energetics and metaphysical mechanics of aligning with and maintaining flow state for ultimate vibrational freedom. For 5 weeks you will be playing in a vibrational experience that will fill you with spiritual teaching and attune your energy field on a glorious journey to transcend the Self from worldly systems.  

SOVEREIGN BODY: Interview with Dr. Cynthia Clark

Expert testimonial from Dr. Cynthia Clark on how our healing process is down to consciousness - but not just our own!!! Who else is interfering with the effectiveness of your healing, and what to do about it. At Sovereign Masters all programs for ascension of consciousness include an optional session of applied kinesiology and detailed report outlining the true body issues at play.