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Elite Mastery Training

We guide visionaries and leaders on their Ultimate Journey

of Self-Discovery and Vibrational Sovereignty.

A rEvolution in Human Enlightenment

Welcome to the world of the Sovereign Master - a Way of Being that transcends the structures of reality and traditional Thought, shifting your life into a hi-res love affair where nothing or no one stands above you - or below.

Our industry-hailed teachings of VIBRATIONAL ONTOLOGY is a leading edge framework for Knowing God and Reality. Resting on our groundbreaking, strategic approach for your expansion, this will take you further out of the known and into Knowing than you have ever ventured before.

...but your reality is outdated.

  • You want a method that works for making the next leap into a truly sublime Way of Being, knowing there is no way back.  You have honed your personal mastery for a while and have a pretty good sense of who you are and a good grasp of your Truth, but...

  • deep down you know that there is more. More greatness, more Knowing and more Love to procure and embody. 

    And you are absolutely right. There is way, way More. You just need to find the magic path and recipe.

You want a map so you can facilitate the actual transcendence of your present life experience and you are looking for one program to bring it all together.


You could go on trying to figure it all out on your own...

But you don't want that.

You want results. 

We've got you.

Our leading edge experiental coaching journeys take you through the best of our industry-hailed innovative method of Vibrational Ontology with our uttermost attention and dedication.

The Sovereign Master engages with life like its lover, transforming every moment and its every ups and downs into miracles with a the flick of a thought, expertly choosing which masks to wear, what moves to make and what experiences to weave. She is safe both in nakedness and in costume, and in delivering her gift to the world, Knowing the secrets of the Source. 


As we journey together you will find yourself to be exactly where you need to be on the game board, getting the tools you need to ascend in consciousness and vibration until you play the Game of Life with unshakeable Knowing and ease.

So: No more piecing it all together. No more dabbling. Just uncomplicated clarity, glorious expansion, and a whole lot of God.  

E & S


...is our ultimate Journey for 7+ FIGURE EARNERS who want to experience our groundbreaking teachings and the extraordinary, out-of-this-World of Vibrational Ontology in the Game within the Game: A scintillating Journey of unparalleled self-discovery and vibrational shifts, where dragons are slayed and dreams come true.

We welcome Thinkers and Feelers alike, as we dance with both Genius and Heart.

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The Mind-melt.

The Clarity.

The unshakeable Knowing.

The coming Home.

The sublime, Sovereign state of Poise: 

an intimate communion with your Soul, beyond the confines of Structure, from which you leap into the next phase of your life and legacy...

Client Experiences

"Holy balls!! I am free!"


While we are working on upgrading to video testimonials, enjoy these little snippets:

There's an intuitiveness of the human condition that I’ve never experienced beforeI highly recommend working with Elizabeth and Sylvia.

Stig Eldred, Hollywood actor and humanitarian

What I got was way beyond what I could ever have asked for. I would recommend this to anyone who really wants to transform their life. 


Maria Kristina Viklund, Life Coach



With the guidance of leading Ontologist Elizabeth A Wilson and the support of co-founder & Expansion Coach Sylvia R Swann, your life changing shift is no longer a distant notion.

hello @ sovereingmasters.com

Limited spots for 2021.

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Meet the world's leading Vibrational


My name is Elizabeth A Wilson, and I’m a thought leader in the field of Ontology and an elite mastery teacher for embodied Enlightenment.

I specialise in the New Way of Sovereign Being, an emerging state of sublime Knowing and ascended consciousness that transcends the teachings of the ancient masters that will be prevalent in future Thought. My expertise in spiritual direction, project management and energetic mastery brings our clients to massive shifts in their lives as they reemerge outside the confines of the outdated laws of ‘reality’.


Our clients are authors, speakers, thought leaders, doctors, priests, teachers, mothers, daughters, wives, husbands, financial advisors, actors, all looking to realize their ultimate potential, attain the highest frequency and embody the highest Knowing available to Man at this time.


Sovereign Masters is a service for the bold traveller of Life who seeks the profound inner peace and exhilaration of truly Knowing what we are, who wants to engage with Life and existence without apologies, and realize the genius of human consciousness as expressed through God’s dearest child: You. 


Our clients undergo incredible transformations. They quit toxic relationships, forgive and let go, take outrageous risks that bring them to magical frontiers, fully surrender into their dream lives and create wonderful legacies bringing their vocation and service to the next level.


My team and I support you in creating your legacy through emerging as a resurrection of your highest potential, fully healed and healing, free to be you, as Sovereign.


If our clients can do it, so can you. 

- Elizabeth

...And your Expansion Coach.

Sylvia R Swann is our Game Designer, Expansion Coach, A Director of Television, actress, writer and philosopher specialising in helping clients understand their unique, unlimited potential to make way for their expansion and growth into it.

A Reiki Master Teacher and Sovereign practitioner, Sylvia is your healing support through this unprecedented leap, making sure you have everything you need.

Work with us? 

hello @ sovereignmasters.com

Our Services

  • Intensives & Blueprints

  • 5 week Journeys

  • Sovereign Council VIP club

  • The Sovereign Package: 12 months Mastery upgrade 
    and lifetime access to The Oasis 
    + Optional project & business formulation

  • The Philantropist Program: Mastery Upgrade plus your own bespoke therapeutic Legacy Program or Legacy Donation Program

Free tutorials

ENJOY THESE FREE LECTURES by Elizabeth A Wilson as a sneak peak of some of the knowledge behind our Enlightenment strategy work.


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